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Client Project: Live-Tracking Race Map

Client Project: Live-Tracking Race Map

A feature to help users save and track their favorite athletes before and during a triathalon.


The challenge of this project was accommodating several user types: Athletes and their fans watching from home, with varying sets of available data. Each feature had to account for very little, or very detailed, amounts of timing information. The goal was to create an interface where fans could follow several athletes while also viewing other feeds and map information simultaneously. In addition to a live map feature, Athletes needed to be able to create a profile and manage their information and race data.

Main Features:

  • A live map with athlete tracking for up to 10 athletes.
  • Sets of map widgets to provide additional information during athlete tracking.
  • Learning activities with various features for engagement
  • Responsive site design
  • Dashboard view for logged-in users to see progress
  • Journaling activities

UX Process

Rather than a traditional waterfall approach, this project was run collaboratively, with many stages of production occurring simultaneously and progressing through iteration. However, UX deliverables were generally presented before visual design. To be successful, the project required me to develop user stories, a site map, 7 different activity flows based on in-person activities, 12 site templates, a tagging and topic system, a “hook” activity prototype for functionality demonstration, and project organizational diagrams team understanding.



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